1 Year On....

Wow…. Where has that Year gone?!

365 Days after opening the doors to the Public for the very first time seems a very long time ago, lots has happened and we have grown quicker than we could’ve ever expected or hoped for, but it also only seems like last week….

We still have all the energy that we did on that very first day too and we are pretty sure that shows. Although its much easier when you’re doing something you love right?

The Team is up to 6 Full Time Staff now with the latest addition of Jimmy, with many regular Guest Barbers also playing a big part in where we find ourselves after the first year. OFF - CUT is thriving, with huge plans for the future. The love & support we have had on a near daily basis from the locals has been nothing short of crazy, some doubted us, some didn’t quite understand us or what we was trying to provide but we truly believe that we have proved them all wrong + some after our first year of trading.

OFF - CUT Exterior

There is so many names to Thank but here goes…. ; Our great & tight knit team for coming up with the goods every single day (Adam, Oscar, Callum + Jimmy), Those regular Guest Barbers aforementioned, Junior, Ed, Karina, Simon & others, Uppercut Deluxe + especially Nick Carter, a Brand + Rep that truly understands and supports us in all that we do, Mr Mullans Apothecary + John Mullan - you’re helping Men understand that grooming shouldn’t be shunned. Then an even bigger shout out to Lauren, John’s partner in taking care of all the day to day admin - Some serious Excel skills!

Then as you all know that there cannot be this kind of business without YOU, the customers ! - Thank you for putting your trust + faith in us. We at OFF - CUT cannot ever thank you enough.