Camberwell Fair 2019 - The Round Up

As some of you may know we took part in this years Camberwell Fair.

The day epitomised Camberwell, full of life, energy, variety & a huge sense of community.

Located next to our physical neighbours (nearly anyway) Lumberjack, we was instantly feeling the love from their great team, providing those Iced Coffees for the team in the warmer than predicted afternoon sun to get us through the back to back queue we accumulated while creating some theatre behind the chairs.

Another big shout out goes to Uppercut Deluxe for sending us a tonne of freebies to give to each and every interested person. Ranging from Mini Styling Tins to Combs to Sticker Packs.

Take a look below for some of the action from the day.

We’ll see you next year Camberwell Fair!

Mr Mullan's Apothecary - Now stocked at OFF - CUT

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Every ingredient in each formula has been hand picked for its hair and skin properties meaning you won't find any chemical nasties or filler ingredients ensuring you look and feel your best.

No single use plastics are used in production and Mr Mullan prides himself on the sustainability of the packaging used.

Camberwell Fair 2019

Camberwell Fair 2019 is a free entry festival taking place on Camberwell Green on 31st August 2019, 12pm-9pm.

Made possible by support from Arts Council England, Southwark Council, High Street Challenge, National Lottery Awards for All and sponsors Zipcar, Off -Cut Barbers and Easygym, the Fair will welcome 5000 people from Camberwell, neighbouring areas and beyond to come together eating, drinking, dancing, trading and celebrating this amazing community.

This will be the 5th Camberwell Fair in modern times, but there was a Fair on the same site from 1279-1855 until shut down by the authorities for ‘immoral and riotous behaviour’. Camberwell has changed a lot since those times, and the Fair of course reflects the people of modern Camberwell, but the spirit is the same – a chance for the whole community to come together and unite.

We will be bringing a ‘Mobile Barber Shop’ to the green for the whole duration of the Fair. A 2 Chair Set up bringing the OFF - CUT experience closer to the people.

MEET THE BARBER : Callum Francis Regan

Name - Callum Francis Regan

How Long have you been Barbering? - Barbering specifically 2 years however I started off in Hair via an Apprenticeship aged 14 back in Ireland and never truly left.

Whats your favourite Cut to do? - Thats a tough one as it changes all the time but i’d have to say anything soft + textured with a really crisp taper.

Your Favourite Barber/s? - Leah Hayden Cassidy. A big influence in the way I cut hair but there are lots others too!

If you could cut anyone Dead or Alive, who would it be? - Probably Post Malone, he really needs that barnet sorting out!

Football Team - Leicester City (Even before that famous Premiership title)

Hobbies when not cutting Hair? - Cars, Bikes, Travel & Golf

Instagram Handle - @callumfrancishair